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Obagi 360 0.5 Retinol 1 oz/30 ml

Obagi 360 0.5 Retinol 1 oz/30 ml

$ 55.00

What it Does

The Obagi 360 Retinol 0.5 gradually releases retinol to exfoliate skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne breakouts, and minimizing the appearance of pores. Retinol helps to encourage collagen production to firm and smooth skin.

Who should use it

Designed to combat aging. Also works to reduce acne breakouts and minimize the appearance of pores. Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating, or planning to become pregnant.

How It Feels

Smooth treatment cream.

How to Use It

Apply once per day at night to cleansed skin. Follow with moisturizer. If irritation occurs, use the Retinol 1.0 every other night. When skin has adjusted, return to nightly use. (Mild irritation, redness, or peeling is a normal, temporary effect).

What Makes it work

0.5% retinol.